Mila with sleeves

noni, Sep 22 2014 - 14:36

Dear noni team,

I wanted to again thank you for your extraordinary, charming and stunning work. The way you welcome and care for a customer make the „purchase“ of a wedding dress quite an event of its own! I will always fondly remember the weekend in Cologne. Being a bride that is not a model size I am used to taking whatever stuff there is available. But you could make my every wishes possible and I am still excited about my dress! I felt so completely comfortable!

My husband was also very impressed… I didn’t know that he could develop such an avid interest in accessories :) He was absolutely enthusiastic about the bow tie, cuff links and the breast pocket handkerchief. Stay the way you are, and lasting success is guaranteed! With you, it is not simply the purchase of a dress, you make it a truly personal an intimate experience! By this you have become an essential part of an emotionally nearly unreachable day. Always keep that in mind and you will never lose that noni-magic.

Thank you, your biggest fan, M.

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