noni Brautkleider in Deutschland entworfen und geschneidert


We make simple, timelessly classic wedding dresses.
 Elegant, lovingly designed in every detail beautiful as you are.

You are the bride-to-be!
 Make a personal appointment with us so that we can devote our attention fully to you and your wishes.

In the airy, light-drenched noni studio you can try on the wedding dresses in our current collection in your own time while dreaming of your wedding.

If you are not from the Cologne area, have a look at our shop page, to find a store closer to your home.

We keep the models of our noni collection in various sizes for you to try on.

Experience the look and feel of our dresses.
 All of the models in the noni collection are simple and beautiful, just the way you like things to be. Which of them will you fall in love with?

You’ve chosen your dream dress from our collection?
 We then take your favourite model and personalise it for you, so the cut, length and all accessories are simply “you”.

If you just can’t make up your mind which model to choose, we will combine different elements to create your dream wedding dress.

During the first fitting, we pin the silhouette of your dress.
 At the next appointment we fit the wedding dress exactly to your figure. How beautiful you are!

During the first fitting, we pin the silhouette of your dress.
 At the next appointment we fit the wedding dress exactly to your figure. How beautiful you are!

Decide on the final length and add small accents. 
What simple elegance! That beautiful woman in the mirror ... is you.

Perfecting the beauty: 
Your personalised dress and all accessories are ready for the big day! Are you?

We provide labels with care instructions for cleaning your wedding dress.
 Make sure you entrust your bride’s dress to the right people. We recommend choosing dry cleaners who specialise in cleaning wedding dresses:
 Spezialreinigung Herbrand

Your exquisite dress comes with a cover to keep it safe while travelling.

For brides-to-be who come to us from far away, there is noni to go

noni to go | one day: You choose a wedding dress from our current collection beforehand.
Then we personalise it for you in just one day.

noni to go | double day: You would like to combine different cuts and accessories for your wedding dress?
Take two days to have it made to measure for you. Appointments are very popular, so make sure you book early.

We make up your noni wedding dress from exquisite dupion silk. Silk organza and chiffon play a supporting role for creating bewitching accessories such as wraps, belts or sashes.

Choose your favourite colour for belt, ribbons and other accessories.
A colour to match your type and the style of your wedding. Pure harmony for your big day.

Right at the patio entrance you can look into our workshop, where we create our wedding dresses to your measurements. Above it is our office, to the left our showroom.

coloured bridal shoes with button shoe clip in emerald, light green and orange

Elegance from head to toe! The elsa coloured shoes brand wedding shoes are made of satin.
 We stock them for you in white and ivory.

You like matching colours? Have your wedding shoes dyed whatever colour you like – to match your dress or the accessories.

Your dress takes on a new splendour: specialised dyers can treat your bride's dress after the wedding and dye it in your favourite colour. If we know this beforehand, we can take care of important details when making up the dress.

modern and simple wedding dress with straps and colourful ribbon around the waistline

Your wedding dress, the accessories, make-up and hair style all blend to create an entrancing overall picture 
.. as beautiful as you are!

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