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noni .. as beautiful as you are

noni makes bespoke wedding dresses in exclusive silk fabrics. Through the simple elegance of our collection, we want to show how uniquely beautiful each woman is. The variable length and the exquisite details of our creations emphasise each individual’s personality and flatter every figure. noni dresses and accessories make sure that a bride feels just that bit more special on her very special day.

.. as beautiful as you are: simple elegance is noni's hallmark. The focus is always on the woman who is wearing the wedding dress. At her wedding, she can be just the way she is – only even more beautiful!

.. as individual as you are: our clients select their wedding dress model from the current noni collection. We vary the length, shape, colour and accessories individually, just as the client wishes. When it is finished, each dress is therefore unique. As uniquely beautiful as the bride.

.. as special as you are: our bridal creations are unusual – and not just because of their unfussy lines. Each dress in the noni collection has a special quality of its own that makes it stunningly beautiful. Could it be the magic of love?

.. as exquisite as you are: noni fabrics and materials are as exquisite as the women who wear them. For our wedding dresses we use dupion silk. Silk organza, silk chiffon or satin play a supporting role when creating the eye-catching accessories.

.. as passionate as you are: We put our heart and soul into making our wedding dresses. Good taste and a love of pure, simple beauty are what we share with our clients. This is why a lot of emotion goes into each dress we sew. For us and for many of our clients, noni is a piece of happiness.

Judith Müller von noni Brautmode in Köln

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