Dear Noni Team,

Thank you very much for the amazing dress! We had our best day ever :)




Dear Theresa, dear nonis,

it's been two incredible months since our wedding, and now it is finally time to say thank you. You made such a wonderful dress for me, I felt so comfortable in it, I did not want to get out it anymore ;)

I have attached some impressions from our wedding as a compliment to you, I hope you like them as much as we do!

Kind regards from Hamburg, A. and F.

-a #nonibride through Elbbraut in Hamburg-


Hello dear Corinna :) !!

Thank you again for my dream dress! I received so many compliments and I will never forget how I, newlywed and hand in hand with my husband, walked down the beach on Borkum barefoot with my beautiful Shelly! A dream come true!!

Dear nonis - you're simple the best!

Lots of love and thanks,



Dear noni team,

I wanted to again thank you for your extraordinary, charming and stunning work. The way you welcome and care for a customer make the „purchase“ of a wedding dress quite an event of its own! I will always fondly remember the weekend in Cologne. Being a bride that is not a model size I am used to taking whatever stuff there is available. But you could make my every wishes possible and I am still excited about my dress! I felt so completely comfortable!


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