Judith Müller und Johanne Bossmann - wie aus zwei Freundinnen Geschäftspartnerinnen wurden

The story

Two little girls met as toddlers in a small village in the Siegerland region, grew up together and spent their childhood designing magazines with their latest fashion ideas while creating whole wardrobes in exquisite taste for their stuffed toys.

15 years later, Johanne Bossmann and Judith Müller met up again in the big city: what they had played at as children had evolved into a vision, and the two decided to jointly turn this vision into a reality.

"noni" was their secret childhood word for "beautiful", and this became the name and guiding principle of their shared project.

Judith Müller und Johanne Bossmann von noni Brautmode in Köln
Photos: Le Hai Linh Photography

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